Letters to the Masses

2014-10-21 11:49:18 by S1L3NTN1GHT

A few things have come up this past little while. I've started a new Tumblr blog for all of my stories, feel free to check out the link on my profile. Second I have really been searching for any type of collab work on games comics shorts or even stories but I havent found anything that has really stuck and I am still looking for anything. Lastly, I've started my online classes so I may be slightly busier than normal.


2014-10-16 12:16:06 by S1L3NTN1GHT

I've been thinking of updating a few things having to do with my work. I just posted one of my more popular stories to the writing forum and I am excited to get some feedback on it from you all. I am also thinking of getting a real icon created for Silent Night Industries that I will use in place of the pumpkin. I am also looking to break into the game design scene and I'm looking for someone that needs a writer or editor for a project that they have. I am only looking for the experience at the moment so pay or credit is honestly not important to me at this point. If anyone has an offer for me please don't be shy about asking me.

Humbly yours,


Happy Halloween Newgrounds!

2011-10-31 09:43:42 by S1L3NTN1GHT

This is Halloween!

New Character Art

2011-09-08 10:06:21 by S1L3NTN1GHT

I have submitted another character I drew. This one is named Hexabot.

New Character Art


2011-09-07 09:27:30 by S1L3NTN1GHT

Been earning alot of medals lately
Heres hoping more games with them come along

My flash got blammed (kind of expected that to be honest) But I'll be practicing and get better before I post another flash

More flash to come but for now all I have is THIS

The start of something good

2011-08-29 14:07:03 by S1L3NTN1GHT

Just submitted a character I made to the art portal. The link can be found at the bottom of the post. Anyone is free to use Jimmy, just let me know if you do. More info on Jimmy in later posts.

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/s1l 3ntn1ght/jimmy

My First Post

2011-08-27 07:40:09 by S1L3NTN1GHT

Well after about a month I am finally making a post. Not much to report other than I'm not happy about the Canas situation.